Soundstripe Alternatives

To get the right to unlimited use of licensed music in the work of a DJ or when creating videos, you must subscribe to one of the services that provide the Royalty Free service.

This term means that you can use the licensed music as you wish, including for commercial purposes. This can be either a live performance by a DJ or a video posted, for example, on YouTube with the prospect of further monetization.

Soundstripe is perfect. It offers users a large media library with more than five thousand licensed music and many special effects. You can also get one of three types of subscriptions, which, in addition to the above, also offers 170,000 licensed videos.

But Soundstripe is not the only such service on the market. There are many more similar platforms. which can be successfully used.

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  • StoryBlocks is a site that offers many resources for video creators. The standard plan is $30 but includes 4K and HD video, After Effects templates, music, photos, and sound effects. But the audio-only plan (music and effects) costs $15, which is the average cost for these services. There are 72 thousand songs and effects in total, which is quite a large library.
  • Pond5 is a royalty-free music site that sells individual licenses, meaning you have to pay for each song you use. It has music for a bit of everything…documentary, drama, epic, trailer, etc. While the cheapest songs cost $15, his tracks average $40 to $80.
  • Hook Sounds. Unlike other sites that collect music from other artists, HookSounds claims that their team composes all of their music. But it comes at a cost: $29 a month if you pay annually, or $69 if you pay monthly. This plan includes music and sound effects with matching high quality WAV files. Of course, this allows you to monetize YouTube and most social networks.
  • Artlist is another monthly subscription alternative that allows you to get royalty-free music in your videos. The music service costs $16.60 per month, but can only be billed annually (i.e. $199 per year). Its music library contains over 12,000 compositions of sufficient variety and good quality. It allows monetization on YouTube and most other platforms.
  • Premium Beat. On the side of sites that sell individual licenses, we have PremiumBeat. It has two types of licenses: “Standard” for websites and personal use, and “Premium” for TV, radio, movies, apps, games, shows and stores. Now he’s also added a plan where you pay $64.95 to download five songs per month. It’s not the cheapest option, but it’s worth considering.
  • Filmstro is another royalty-free music subscription site. The YouTuber plan is $14.99/month or $99/year (a huge discount) to access all of your music for monetization purposes. Higher plans with other uses are more expensive. In addition, it also offers a plug-in for Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut for audio trimming and music sync.

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