Soundstripe - Worth It?

So, if you are creating videos that use music, then you need to understand that this music must be licensed. If, for example, you decide to create your own video and launch it on one of the video hosting platforms, for example, on YouTube, and then try to monetize your work in the future, then it is likely that a hundred video services will simply block your creation. And the reason for this is the use of unlicensed music.

The Soundstripe service operates on a subscription model rather than a per-song licensing system. Each time you upload a song, you automatically receive a one-time use license. This means that you can use it in your project for as long as you want, even after unsubscribing. You can get unlimited access to music for only $11.25 per month.

Soundstripe offers a service that allows you to subscribe to access music that can be used in film works of all kinds, with a database that is updated weekly.

An impressive catalog divided into moods, genres, tempos, instruments, vocals and more, 29 categories of sound effects is a good library with a nice and user-friendly interface. Separately, we note integration with applications. For example, there is an extension for Adobe Premier that allows you to work directly with Soundstripe.

On this service, you can see the songs, composers, and lists we create, as well as the license for each one, so we know when and how we can use the featured songs. At any time, we can listen to the sound without paying anything, but to use it, you must pay a monthly or annual subscription.

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A small team is responsible for this, which makes several videos for YouTube every week, adding music to them. Over time, they realized that this music has a very positive effect on the audience, so they decided to offer a selection of quality tracks to satisfy those who are looking for something from something very dramatic to music for comedies or tutorials.

Every time we download a song for your end use from the site, you won’t have to keep paying for it. Any songs we license for use in projects we create while we are members of Soundstripe will be legally licensed forever.

This service will become simply an indispensable tool for those. Who decided to build their career and start earning money by creating videos or DJing.

By subscribing to Soundstripe, you get a lifetime license to music content and no longer have to worry about video hosting blocking your creativity due to the presence of unlicensed music in videos.

It offers first-class music content that can be considered music of the highest quality. You will not be hurt by low-grade music, which cannot even be made in the background. Despite the relatively small music library, every song in it belongs to the category of premium quality. And this is a very important argument in order to choose exactly Soundstripe.

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