How To Enable And Disable Spatial Audio In Apple Music [Dolby Atmos]

In a bid to elevate the auditory experience, Apple Music introduces Spatial Audio, a novel addition harnessing Dolby Atmos technology. Promising a more immersive listening experience akin to being amidst the instruments themselves, Spatial Audio offers music in “multiple” dimensions. Learn how to toggle this feature on or off with Dolby Atmos in Apple Music below.

To access this feature, your iPhone or iPad must run on iOS or iPadOS 14.6 or later. Here’s how to enable or disable it:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Tap on “Music”
  3. Under the “Audio” section, select Dolby Atmos
  4. Choose “Automatic,” “Always On,” or disable the option
  5. Automatic Dolby Atmos: Songs will play in Dolby Atmos format on Apple Music automatically only when using: built-in speakers, AirPods Pro, Max, Beats, iPhone XR, or later models.
  6. Dolby Atmos Always On: Enable this option if you’re using other headphones that don’t support automatic spatial audio playback as listed above.

If “Automatic” is enabled, only compatible devices can play Dolby Atmos.

Finding Dolby Atmos Music

To discover music available in this format, search for Dolby Atmos or access editorial playlists like “Made for Spatial Audio” on streaming services.

To ascertain if a track is in this format, simply tap on it and check if there’s a Dolby Atmos symbol in the track or album information.

Downloading Music in Dolby Atmos

Head back to Settings, as mentioned earlier, and in “Music,” activate “Download in Dolby Atmos.” If there’s already a downloaded version of the song, delete it and re-download.

When downloading the spatial audio version, you’re also getting the regular version of the song. To listen without Dolby Atmos, disable this option in settings as explained earlier.

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For an optimal experience, consider using high-quality headphones or speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos technology. These devices can better recreate the spatial audio effect, offering a truly immersive listening session.

If you’re an audiophile seeking the best possible sound, keep in mind that not all tracks in Apple Music support Dolby Atmos. However, Apple continues to expand its library of spatial audio content, so keep an eye out for new releases and updates.

Lastly, while enjoying Spatial Audio, ensure that you’re in an environment conducive to appreciating its nuances. Minimize background noise and distractions to fully immerse yourself in the music.

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