Spotify And Apple Music: Which Service And What Is Better?

There is a lot of information dedicated to comparing the two leading music streaming services in the world. However, music lovers continue to argue and doubt their choice. Both streaming music services not only offer quality streaming music, but also attract their users with many other useful features.

If you want a free service, Spotify is the clear winner. But if you have to pay for the service to get the best, then the choice is more difficult. Apple Music is perfect for Apple devices, deeply integrated and almost super recommended for Apple gadgets.

Spotify has great compatibility with other systems. In any case, it takes time to adjust to these services and get to know them well. Spotify wins when it comes to finding playlists and personalizing music discoveries. Apple Music wins when it comes to maximum flexibility when it comes to mixing songs.

Both Spotify and Apple Music include a radio part in their features. This is perhaps the only part where Spotify still lags behind its competitors, and it’s all for precision picking that prefers automation to manual picking. Selecting a particular artist’s radio on Spotify will actually include other bands and artists who have recorded similar songs. This modality, however, tends to focus on the original performer, leaving little room for other alternatives. It’s the same with musical genres that are a bit self-contained.

Apple, on the other hand, is the brand that, through its investments, has best established itself in the field of radio. First of all, this is the merit of Beats1, an online radio that plays non-stop music selected by the best international DJs. This brings the Apple Music radio department closer to a classic broadcaster, where people, not algorithms, select the songs to play. All of this is easily accessible through both the mobile app and iTunes on PC or Mac.

One of the functions that music streaming services are most commonly used for is assisting users during workouts. In fact, many people want to listen to their favorite songs while running, going to the gym, or walking. And what better way than to listen to specially designed playlists.

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In this regard, Spotify is definitely more organized than Apple Music. In fact, the application has a section dedicated to running, which, using smartphone sensors, allows you to choose music with a tempo suitable for the rhythm of the race. Of course, matches are not always perfect, but with proper development, this technology can be very interesting.

However, Apple Music has none of that. One thing you can do to accompany your running sessions is to choose from the many static playlists dedicated to that activity. Although this method is less interesting, you will still have hundreds of song options to use properly.

Another aspect that is taken into account when listening to a lot of music is to find out what people around us are listening to. Being able to chat with friends or know what certain VIPs are playing on their mobile devices can be a great way to find new songs, albums or playlists.

Spotify has bet big on this. You will be able to see what and when they are listening, perhaps taking your library into account.

On the other hand, in Apple Music, we limited ourselves to creating an interesting feature, but not to the level of Spotify. The service actually has a kind of integrated social network that connects artists and fans. In fact, through photos, posts, and videos, you can follow your favorite authors day by day as they decide to offer content. However, when it comes to integration with real social networks, Spotify remains a step forward.

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