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Spotify Car Thing: Pros And Cons

Ever find yourself in the midst of a heated debate about the latest and greatest in-car gadgets? If you haven’t been paying attention to the Spotify Car Thing, now is the moment to take notice. However, as with any appealing product, there are both advantages and drawbacks to consider.


  1. Easy-Peasy Use: The Spotify Car Thing keeps things simple with its user-friendly design. It boasts big buttons, a clear screen, and a dial for seamless music selection.
  2. Safety First with Voice Commands: Operating your phone while driving can be risky, but the Spotify Car Thing offers a safer alternative. This device responds to voice commands, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
  3. Spotify Exclusive: Designed exclusively for Spotify, this gadget seamlessly integrates with the app, ensuring a tailored and immersive music experience during your drive.
  4. Works in Most Cars: Compatibility is a key advantage of the Spotify Car Thing, as it can be easily installed in a wide range of vehicles, regardless of their age or make.


  1. Needs Premium: One major drawback is the requirement of a Spotify Premium subscription to use the Spotify Car Thing. This imposes a monthly cost for those who aren’t already Premium subscribers.
  2. Requires Phone’s Help: Although the device is impressive, it is dependent on your smartphone to function properly.
  3. 3. Battery Life: While it’s not excessively power-hungry, the Spotify Car Thing still requires charging, especially during long journeys.
  4. Internet Dependent: Just like our daily coffee fix, the Spotify Car Thing relies on a stable internet connection. If you find yourself in an area with poor signal, it may experience disruptions.
  5. Limited to Spotify: This gadget only caters to Spotify users, making it incompatible with other music streaming apps. If you use alternative services, consider an app like FreeYourMusic to transfer your music to Spotify.

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The million-dollar (or in this case, the $89.99) question! The Spotify Car Thing is not merely a decorative dashboard addition; it’s a game-changer for music enthusiasts on the move. If you desire fewer distractions and a more focused musical experience while driving, this device could be your ideal companion.

However, if you seek a multifunctional gadget that offers more than just music playback, this may not be your best choice. Every device has its audience. If Spotify’s tunes light up your day, the Car Thing could be your perfect driving companion. If not, you can always rely on the trusty radio button. Whatever you choose, prioritize safety on the road and enjoy your music to the fullest.

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