How To Convert Spotify playlists to MP3

The music streaming service Spotify offers its subscribers a really huge music library and high-quality soundtracks.

Spotify Converter MP3

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However, sometimes people could wish to listen to their favorite music in the car, or, for example, on an offline device. It’s not always possible, or simply inconvenient. Therefore, this becomes a problem for both Free and Premium subscribers.

The adequate solution is to use Spotify Converter MP3. With special applications, it is possible to get the most popular format of any track. Such programs work so far on Mac or Windows computers or laptops only. However, if you want to get a converted track on your phone or even a flash drive, you can do it through your computer. 

So, if you are interested in listening to music everywhere, you need to convert your favorite tracks from Spotify to MP3 format.

Learn all the steps of this process.

  1. Download the special converting application.
  2. Login to your Spotify account in the special field.
  3. After entering your account, find the necessary playlist or individual song that you want to be converted.
  4. Tick the required items.
  5. After the selection of the songs go to settings. There you can already select the converted format (in our case it is necessary to choose MP3). Moreover, there are also functions for setting the sampling rate and bitrate at this stage.
  6. Next, in the general settings, select the folder on your computer where you want to save the tracks.
  7. Now click the “Convert” button and wait for several minutes. Most importantly, do not play any tracks while you are converting.
  8. Done. After the process is finished, your music is available to you in MP3 format. So, now have the possibility to dispose of it as you want.

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