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Convert your Spotify playlists to any other music services

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If you want to convert your playlist to google music, Apple Music, Amazon music or any other preferred application of yours, you need to use a Spotify converter. MusConv can be the perfect tool for your music conversion from Spotify to different musical services and download the songs into your local drive.

Why use MusConv?

We assure MusConv to be the best music converter because

  • Easy conversion of playlist:

It can easily convert playlists, songs, podcast and even radio programs to your local device. It can convert songs to any app like Google Play Music, YouTube, SoundCloud and so on.

  •  100% best audio quality:

MusConv does not compromise with quality. It assures that its users get 100% audio quality and better service. Sometimes, music quality decreases due to transfer from one app to another app, however, MusConv does not concise the quality of the service. 

  • Super speed for fast conversion:

Music conversion may need a huge time in most cases, but we offer super speed music conversion and transfer. You no longer need to weight long hours for your music to be converted.

  • Compatible with Latest technologies:

It is compatible with the latest version of Spotify and Windows 10. So, while doing our task, you will not feel any inconvenience regarding the updated version of these applications.

How does it work?

The process of converting songs and playlists from Spotify is very easy and less time-consuming. MusConv allows you to download music from a variety of sectors and convert them to your desired destinations. You can user MusConv by following a few simple steps.

  • Selecting Source:

MusConv supports a variety of around 30 sources for music conversion such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon music and so on. First of all, you need to select the source from which you need to transfer your desired track. Then, log in to that specific application. 

Select Spotify as source service
Select Spotify from the left-hand side list
  • Selecting the Playlist:

Secondly, you need to select your desired tune from the list of the application. And then select the “Transfer” button from the bottom of the window.

Select playlists of Spotify
Select your preferred playlists
  • Selecting the Destination:

From the pop-up menu that comes after clicking the “Transfer” menu, you need to select the specific destination you want to transfer your music to. Then, you log into the source using your id and password. There, you will find that your music has been transferred to your source.

Select Apple music as destination service
Select your preferred destination service

So, why waiting? Try MusConv and keep rocking on the beat of your choice!