Spotify, Deezer and YouTube Music - What To Choose?

Almost everyone has a music app installed on their phone, but do you know the difference between different streaming services? All have the same goal: of course, to entertain music lovers anytime, anywhere. Here we look at the differences between the most commonly used music apps.

Spotify is one of the most famous and frequently used applications. Works on the app version (available on Android and iOS), desktop (Windows and macOS), and smart TVs. The free version has some restrictions on usage, such as the inability to always select the song you want to listen to and ads between plays.

The paid version has four monthly payments:

1. individual – $9.99 per month;

2. Student subscription with 50% discount – $4.99;

3. Duo – $12.99/month (great for couples)

4. Family – $14.99 per month, which entitles you to six accounts for people who live at the same address.

With premium plans, you can download songs to listen to when you don’t have internet access, no ads, and no playlist restrictions.

Deezer was one of the pioneers of music streaming apps. Following the same pattern as Spotify, the free version doesn’t let you skip songs or select specific tracks from playlists or albums, aside from displaying ads.

The paid version has none of these limitations and still allows you to download music for offline listening. The app offers four plan options:

1. Deezer Premium costs $9.99 per month;

2. Family (which also allows you to register up to six accounts) will lighten the user’s wallet by $12.99;

3. HiFi – $14.99

4. Student – $4.99

Deezer also has an annual plan for $99.99.

Like Spotify, Deezer is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, Windows and macOS desktops, and smart TVs.

YouTube Music is a good option for fans of clips and shows. YouTube Music is also a streaming service that is available both on the web and on Android and iOS apps.

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The service costs $9.99 per month and lets you choose whether you want to listen to audio only or also watch artist videos. An update has also recently been released where it is now possible to play videos in the background, that is, the application does not need to be opened in order for it to continue playing. The premium version with high sound quality will cost the user $14.99 per month, while students get a big discount and pay $4.99 per month, but subject to full-time study and proof of their student status.

The premium plan removes all ads from the service and also allows you to download it offline (downloaded music is only available for 30 days).

When you choosing the best option for listening to streaming music, it is advisable to try the free version of each of them and get the corresponding experience. If you want to evaluate the sound quality, then in this case, select one song and listen to it on each of the services. But this will require good playback equipment that can fully unlock the potential of the sound of each of the streaming services.

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