Spotify Family Plan

Popular music streaming services offer their services all over the world today. Spotify is one of them. As of the third quarter of 2022, the Spotify music service has 456 million users, of which 195 million are paid subscribers. There is hardly a music lover who has not used this streaming service. And if a music lover already uses Spotify on a regular basis, then most likely his family is also fans of this music service. It is with this fact in mind that Spotify offers a product such as the Spotify Family Plan.

This premium subscription significantly saves the family budget. If the price of a standard individual subscription is $9.99 per month, then for a family subscription you will need to pay $15.99 per month. This is a significant savings, given that up to six family members can use the family subscription.

But not every music lover will agree to have an open account so that others can see his musical preferences, even if they are his own people. No need to worry about this. Spotify Family Plan provides up to 6 separate accounts. This means that everyone in the family will have their own separate account under their own password. Therefore, no one will be able to see what kind of music this or that family member listens to or saves to playlists.

There are some more Spotify Family plan details that are good to know.

Only one user per family can subscribe to this subscription. He will be the owner, who will not be able to change. He will also monitor the timely payment of subscription bills, increase or decrease the number of participants by inviting or removing them from the list. The owner user also has access to parental controls, because this plan has the ability to control listening to adult music.

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One of the main conditions of the Spotify Family Plan is that all users live at the same address. This condition is mandatory, so all users of this tariff plan need to confirm their address using a map service. The same procedure must be followed if the owner changes his address. Spotify reserves the right to verify that addresses match. It does not specify how or how often this happens, but says that it does not monitor the location of users, but only checks to confirm the address.

If the user’s address does not match the owner’s address, then Spotify sends an email asking you to enter the full address again within 7 days. If this procedure is not completed, then the user will automatically switch to the free version without the ability to connect to Spotify Family Plan for 12 months. As you can see, Spotify strictly monitors compliance with the conditions of residence at one address.

When it comes to music sound quality, the Spotify Family Plan allows you to listen to ad-free music at 320kb/s or even higher. This is much better sound than the free version of Spotify.

Spotify Family Plan has more sweet moments. Users who have used this tariff plan in practice note that it is very convenient to manage music here. which you are currently listening to. It can be stopped, scrolled without restrictions, as in other subscriptions. That is, really listen to what you like now, and not wait for the end of the track.

Whether or not Spotify Family Plan is suitable for their family is up to the user to decide, but the perks of this subscription are obvious.

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