Spotify for Artists Support

If you are an artist who has registered on Spotify and opened your profile, you can find it on your homepage. All your music will be there, and your fans can find it and discover something new about you. You will be able to add your images, write your bio, add an Artist Pick, feature your playlist, and add a Fan Support link.

A Fan Support Link added to your profile will help raise funds from fans on Spotify. Every artist can fundraise for themselves, their crew and team, or for projects and organizations they support.

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You have to add this fundraising link through an approved partner. Log to, o to your Profile, click “+Get Support Directly from Fans” under the “Fan Support” tab, and fill in the Fan Support submission form. Then, click “Agree and Submit.” You can always edit or remove a fan Support link by clicking the pencil icon located next to Fan Support.

The approved partners to get Fan Support fundraising link include: Cash App, GoFundMe, Givealittle, Mercado Pago (available in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, and Chile), PayU, iyzico (available in Turkey), and PayPal.Me. Note that some links may be unavailable in a number of countries.

Spotify created the Fan Support option to support artists and the global music community. The company has developed straightforward Terms and Conditions for artists to follow. While using Fan Support, you need to:

  • comply with all the valid laws and regulations;
  • comply with the Spotify Platform Rules and the Spotify User Guidelines;
  • meet the terms and conditions of any third-party platform created for fundraising;
  • never exploit or get engaged in scams;
  • avoid posting any misleading or deceptive content about your Spotify fundraiser;
  • never use the Fan Support feature to sell goods or services. (You can use the Merch Section of Spotify, instead);
  • never impersonate any individuals, brands, or organizations.

There are also some other regulations every artist needs to follow to use Spotify for Artists Support effectively. If you violate any of these rules, you may be found ineligible for this feature by Spotify.

Spotify does not pay artists directly but only via the Artist Support feature. However, it claimed that it paid $7 billion in royalties in 2022 to diminish the complaints of low pay from artists. It means that such payments increased by $2 billion in 2022 if compared to $5 billion in 2021.

Everybody can contact Spotify to get overall support and explanations if they have an urgent question on Spotify for Artists’ functioning or if there are some technical issues. You can contact them by phone from the USA or write an email that will be answered in the shortest time by the customer support team.

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