Spotify For Students

Spotify is now at the forefront of the world of streaming music. This streaming platform has not only won the hearts of music lovers around the world, but has also gathered under its banner more than 380 million active monthly users from almost 200 countries. According to the official information of the service, it has about 150 million paid subscribers.

Such success has been achieved by the Swedish music streaming service largely due to a well-thought-out effective marketing strategy and flexible pricing policy, as well as a loyalty program for certain categories of users.

Spotify offers a Premium subscription plan at a half price discount for students. This means students can subscribe to Spotify Premium for $4.99 per month instead of $9.99 with the option of three additional annual renewals.

The student plan provides the same benefits as premium users who pay $9.99 per month, including ad-free streaming, the ability to download songs for offline listening, and better sound quality than the free version.

 Spotify For Students

To activate Spotify Premium for Students, students must access, sign in if already registered, or make a new registration, sign up, and activate the plan for $4.99 per month for the first twelve months.

For Spotify users who already have an active Premium subscription and activate the student discount offer, the first discounted month starts after the expiration of the Premium service or other subscription for which payment has already been made (for example, an annual subscription). In the case of a free service or a new Spotify user, the discounted month starts after the student discount offer is activated.

The student discount offer can only be used for a Spotify account, not for family subscriptions.

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If you deactivate your Premium Service subscription at any time during the discount period, you will be able to reactivate the student discount offer, but any discounted month, whether used or not, will be deducted from the discount period to the user could only use the unused months remaining from the original discount period.

You may activate up to three additional discount periods for yourself by re-entering your information on the student discount offer registration page, provided you are always an eligible student. In practice, you can get a discount for up to four years. This is how much, according to the management of Spotify, the average student will study.

I would like to emphasize that the student tariff is not valid in all countries where the Swedish music streaming service operates legally. In some countries, there is simply no student tariff, it is not provided for by the terms of use of the service. Therefore, before subscribing, it is better to carefully read the relevant conditions in the user’s country.

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