Spotify free vs Spotify Premium- Is Spotify Premium Really worth it


Just like Apple Music and Amazon Music, Spotify is a famous streaming service for music that gives you the opportunity to have an access to millions of songs, videos and podcasts from artists all around the globe. It was launched in Europe and then afterward gained popularity in many major markets which also include Canada, Australia and the US. With Spotify, your listening experience enhances to the next level.

There is a free and paid version of Spotify. It is available in both forms, as a desktop app as well as mobile app (IOS and Android).

Reasons why Spotify Premium is worthy to be subscribed:

A user can do so much with Spotify free version. The free version of the trial is quite impressive in many ways, however, to get blessed with all the features of Spotify and enhance your listening experience even more, one has to go with Spotify premium. Spotify premium offers more than the free version and that is why it costs you money. Let’s have a look at some aspects which Spotify Premium offers and Spotify free does not.


Spotify premium’s sound quality is advanced compared to the free version. While a premium subscription to Spotify will let you appreciate music at a bitrate of 320 kbps, Spotify Free will just permit users to tune in to melodies at 96 kbps when on versatile and 160 kbps when utilizing on the work area. While low bitrates were considerable when the consumption of the data was limited because of low prices, it truly doesn’t bode well to utilize high bitrate sound when the web speeds are taking off high and the rates are moderate also.


The appearance of ads in any type of app is a frustrating thing to happen. When you are using a particular app, then closing the ads takes some of your valuable time and you may eventually get fed up. Because of the ads, you may get a feeling of closing the app.

Ads are the essential methods for producing income for anything sold on the web and Spotify is the same. For people wishing not to buy Spotify’s paid membership, the application will show you ads for every four or five tunes you play or skip. This is anyway not the situation in Spotify Premium as the paid version accompanies zero ads, and users of the app can completely use the screen for consistent music tuning in.

Music Library:

With Spotify, you can have access over thirty-five million songs and this is offered to both users, free and premium users. However, there is one big difference that easily makes Spotify premium more superior to Spotify free. The main distinction is that while Premium users will get the opportunity to play even the most recent releases, users of the free trial would have to wait a minimum of fourteen days after a new artist album is released to listen to it.


As we know how Spotify Free will play advertisements every 4 to 5 songs. Be that as it may, there are some more surprises to it. While both Spotify Free and Premium accompany more than 35 million songs and alogorithm-based mixes, playlists and radio broadcasts, free Spotify version doesn’t allow you to pick your tune and you’ll be constrained to ‘shuffle play.’ This means you’ll need to hang tight for the tune that you wanted to be played straight away, comes.

On the other hand, Spotify premium user can play whatever song he/she wants to at any time. There won’t be any strings like the above in Spotify Premium. There won’t be any need to “Shuffle Play,” but users will have the authority to use it when the wish of mix and match arises. Aside from that, users will have the authority to pick any set of tracks or songs, either from the album, daily mixes, playlists or radio stations.


With Spotify free, you will be able to use the same library as Spotify premium library, however, with the free version, you won’t have access to offline listening. This means, with the free version, you won’t be able to download tracks as you do in the paid version. With Spotify premium, you can download 10,000 songs and can listen to podcasts, albums and tracks; that is to say, if they are saved in your device.

Connect feature:

A music streaming service gets even better when it can be used on multiple platforms with the same login.

You can use Spotify premium across many platforms with the same login, be it, android devices, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Smart TVs, etc. This can happen with the help of a feature called “Connect feature.” Only users of premium have the authority to use this feature. With the help of this feature, you will be able to command Spotify on another device with the help of the device from where you are using Spotify. For example, if you have attached your headphones with your computer, you can change the volume or tracks according to your desire by using a smartphone and similarly, you can do changes by your computer when listening stuff on a smartphone.

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