The rise of Spotify and Google Music

In a world dominated by internet use, it really should not be surprising how streaming services have grown in the past few years. We have seen the rise of empires based on the single idea that the people hold the power.

We are at a place where we are encouraged to choose our own content from the wide spectrum of artists and genres that are available today. This means that we no longer have to listen to the radio DJ cut off our favorite songs for an inaccurate weather prediction. We are in control.

Now there are quite a number of streaming services out there. The likes of Spotify and Google Play have dominated the industry and have each brought their own unique spin to the mix.

The problem with all this variety is that it means that we are more likely to feel like we have made a mistake in our choice in streaming services. This means that we are more likely to switch from one services to the next and this comes with its own share of problems.

One of the major issues we have with changing services is the music that we have collected. In our minds, it is like getting a new phone and not being able to transfer any of your old content onto it.

That does not seem to exciting now does it? It is a good thing that that is not the case at all. We have options.

It is actually possible to transfer our years of accumulated content to our newly desired streaming services. There are auxiliary services that facilitate this sort of transaction.

The process is fairly simple too. Instead of moving every song, one by one, we can use one of these auxiliary services and it is done for us.

The closest to an issue that we will probably encounter is when the auxiliary service that we have used, has successfully transferred all our music but our new streaming service requires a CSV file to rebuild the playlists. A good tool for this sort of transference is the MusConv tool (

It does everything you need it to do. It allows us to change the music file to an altogether different format. With a list of Stream Services that includes, among others, the likes of Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music, limitless transfers and batch importing, you can understand why this is such an attractive tool to use.

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