Spotify Group Session

The Swedish music streaming service has always tried to be closer to its users. That is why today he is at the top of the pedestal of the music streaming world. And here again he delighted his users. And the novelty came in handy precisely in today’s difficult conditions, when, for reasons beyond their control, many people in different countries are forced to be alone without communication with family and friends.

Spotify has started beta testing a new feature of its service. This is called a group session and allows you to listen to music at the same time. Spotify does not report this directly, but the COVID-19 epidemic has undoubtedly contributed to the introduction of group activities, forcing us to isolate ourselves from friends and acquaintances.

Spotify tested music sharing in 2019, but it wasn’t high on the list back then. In the first half of 2020, realities have changed and work has probably been accelerated. Spotify Premium subscribers can now test out the beta of group sessions.

During such a session, two or more users can create a playlist together and simultaneously listen to the songs contained in it and control playback. You can invite your friends to play with them by sending them the Spotify code, which will be in the Connect to Device menu. The party host must share this code with guests and they must scan it in their apps if they want to connect. Then group listening is the same as hearing alone. This feature is being introduced gradually. Not all Spotify users will get it at the same time. The feature will initially only be available to certain categories of premium subscribers with the most expensive subscriptions. Further, the opportunity will be given to subscribers of the family tariff, then – the student one. Unfortunately, users of the free version of the popular music streaming app won’t get this option.

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Of course, this function is simply amazingly good, especially in the conditions of quarantine restrictions, to which everyone has already begun to gradually get used to. Spotify is launching a service to help you cope with loneliness more easily. We can set up the application to listen to the same songs at the same time with someone else.

This feature, although marked as beta, is available in the production version of the app. Unfortunately, it is only available in the paid version of the service, that is, Spotify Premium.

You can upgrade from the free version to the premium segment for free. To do this, you need to use several methods, the description of which can be found on the Internet.

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