Spotify: How To Find All The Songs You Like?

Hundreds of millions of users around the world use Spotify to listen to music or podcasts. If you use the app frequently, you need to learn the hidden tricks to get the most out of the service.

Playlists bring together your favorite tracks in Spotify. That being said, you can divide them into several categories: music for exercise, for relaxation or for a party. You can also like songs to keep them in the same section.

Whatever the reason, you may have liked certain songs and now you don’t know where they are. To find them, follow these instructions from the Android mobile app:

  1. Open Spotify
  2. Go to “Your Library”
  3. Access the “Songs you like” playlist and you’ll find all the songs you’ve liked since you started your account.

To see the folder from Spotify for Windows, find “Songs you like” in the left menu. The folder sorts your favorite songs in chronological order. Also, if you want to delete one of the themes, you need to click on the heart icon again.

By the way, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify is introducing an update that includes the ability to do karaoke and qualify the voice.

Spotify has become one of the leading online music streaming apps. Over the years, this platform has been indispensable for many Internet users who want to have access to good quality songs and information about their favorite artists, albums, etc. Today, Spotify announced a new alternative that will reach all users and could revolutionize in the Internet music industry: karaoke.

  1. You will need an updated version of Android and iOS mobile phones first.
  2. Next, you need to select a song and scroll down. In this space, you can see the lyrics of the song, and in the upper right corner there will be an option to “Sing”.
  3. When you choose to click on this option, the karaoke mode will be activated. Right there, you can enjoy a scorecard that will evaluate your performance.

Audio Habits is a secure website that can be securely linked to your official Spotify account. Once you do this, you will be able to access a lot of information about your Spotify account.

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It should be noted that Audio Habits has the ability to receive monthly Spotify statistics and recommendations based on your tastes.

  1. Sign in to the Audio Habits website
  2. Click the Login button

You will need to give the site permission to view your Spotify activity. Otherwise, he will not be able to know what you heard.

After logging into your Spotify account, the website will show you the following statistics: Top Artists: Short Term (most listened to artists in the last 4 weeks); Top Artists: Medium Term (the most popular artists in the last 6 months); Top Artists: Long Term (the most popular artists in the last year); Top Tracks: Short Term (the most popular songs in the last 4 weeks); Top Tracks: Medium Term (the most listened to songs in the last 6 months); and Top Tracks: Long Term (the most played songs of the last year).

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