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Spotify hurt on new update, how to convert pandora likes to Spotify

Undoubtedly, the most renowned music steaming provider in the world is Spotify nowadays in terms of quality and quantity, since it is offering a huge catalogue of music collection and completely true lossless music at a reasonable pricing. This article will reveal consumer’s reaction of Spotfy’s new update and the way to convert Pandora likes to Spotify.

However, the music streaming service, Spotify had been facing criticism from their users, after receiving a new update on February. In particular, the recent update has moved the “repeat” and “go to queue” button, which the users did not like at all.

The buttons were previously available on the “Now Playing” song screen, and they are now being replaced with a new share option. Meanwhile, the two much debated buttons are moved under a sub-menu.

The alteration in the layout had led to a widespread complaint across the social media. A reddit users had been quoted saying following the new release of Spotify, “The old mobile app was perfectly fine. It was easy to access nearly every button and feature.

Now I still get confused trying to find my queue”, while other users had already threatened to discontinue using the current app, unless the issue was fixed, as another user said, “I’ve paid for premium for years now and might stop if this is permanent”.

Despite a stack of disdainful comments and criticisms, the Spotify remains more or less muted and they had not yet released any opinion for their app users in response.

Is Musconv Safe

Convert Pandora likes to Spotify

If you are previous Pandora user looking to change your music streaming service to Spotify, you got to convert your Pandora likes and playlists, otherwise you would have to start from the beginning in Spotify. Now, how could you convert Pandora likes to Spotify?

Convert Pandora likes to Spotify using MusConv

It is nearly impossible for a mediocre tool to handle Pandora likes, but MusConv is an accordant tool, which was designed to deliver a conversion experience beyond perfection.

If you are going to convert Pandora likes to Spotify, try use MusConv, the software is not free, but it is highly cost-effective and the trial version is available for 14-days, which should be sufficient for you to understand and measure the ins and outs of this tantalizingly mesmerizing tool.

In order to convert Pandora likes to Spotify using MusConv, at first select the source (Pandora) and then log in to your account. After logging in, you have to select the “liked” songs you want to convert. Then choose the destination (Spotify) and hit the transfer button. MusConv would convert your Pandora likes to Spotify in minutes.

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