Do you use iOS and think Spotify is the best service for listening to music? Then this information is just for you.

Spotify iOS app

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 Spotify is a feature-rich streaming service that offers users from all over the world access to millions of songs by famous artists, motivational podcasts by famous businessmen, and other media entertainment for free or for a fee (to get access to more features). Developers are actively supporting the iOS app and constantly offering new and exciting features for their users. And today we will try to answer the most common questions about Spotify iOS app.

Can I use the app on all my devices?

Yes, you can install the service on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad. All versions have a user-friendly and colorful interface and clear navigation.

What features does Spotify offer iOS users?

  • Access to an incredibly large number of songs, artist biographies, and much more.
  • Create and edit playlists to suit your mood, and share them with your friends to tell them about your perfect taste in music.
  • A handy search function that helps you not only find the song you’re looking for, however, also the one that suits your current mood.

Please, note that functions and features may vary depending on the country where you are located, as well as on certain music content.

Also, if you cannot install Spotify on your device, there may be restrictions in your country.

How do I download and install Spotify on my device?

You can either use the service from Spotify’s website through your account or download the app through the Apple Store. The second option is more convenient because it gives you more options and is more convenient than going to the browser each time you use the app. If you want to install the platform on your Mac, you can download it from the special shop or the official website. The application is installed automatically, and you need to enter your username or register only.

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