Spotify Keeps Pausing 2022

If you are a big music lover and constantly use the music streaming service Spotify, then you may have noticed that sometimes unexpected pauses can occur in the work of this application. There can be many reasons for these pauses, so it’s difficult to immediately figure out what needs to be done to solve this problem. Consider the main options.

The first thing you need to do is check the internet speed on your computer. If it is low, then try connecting another device to the same system. If the second device also shows that the Internet connection speed is very low, then in this case you have only one thing to do – contact your provider and ask him what can be done to solve the problem. If such a speed is initially stated in your agreement with an Internet provider, then you just have to accept the situation as it is or increase the speed of the Internet by choosing a different tariff plan.

Check permission for background apps. If you open any other applications at the same time, then Spotify turns off. This is a clear sign that there is a problem with the background app settings. Check if this music streaming service has permission to run in the background, which is very important for its stability. If there is no such permission, then enter the user settings and give Spotify permission to run in the background. To be sure, restart the application afterwards. Unforeseen pauses in the work of Spotify should disappear.

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Another effective solution can be to clear the cache, which may be too polluted or corrupted. Clear your cache and it’s likely that the Spotify music streaming service will start working without unexpected pauses.

Another effective way is to reinstall the music streaming app itself. But this will already be a very radical method, so first try to simply reset all application settings. After that, try to launch Spotify, if the pauses are repeated, only then reinstall the application. The cause may be data corruption of the music streaming platform. Remember that when you reshuffle, you will have to log into your account again, so first remember your login and password to log in so that there are no unnecessary problems later.

Downloading a music streaming application is best done only from its official website. In this case, you will not be likely to transfer a computer virus along with the new application.

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