Spotify Keeps Pausing Bluetooth

Any music fan who uses Spotify’s music streaming app will tell you that this is a great choice. Spotify is not only the leader of the global music market, it can offer you access to a huge music library of over 70 million tracks and a lot of useful and efficient features that you get with this application.

But sometimes it happens that the work of this music streaming platform fails. In particular, this also happens in situations where you are using a Bluetooth connection.

This has become especially relevant in recent years, when a significant part of users began to use Bluetooth headphones instead of a wired headset. Due to the instability and imperfection of the Bluetooth connection, Spotify may stop working. If you see that the application periodically makes unexpected and unpredictable pauses, try to solve this problem yourself.

First of all, check if you have power saving mode enabled If you use music streaming applications in battery saver mode, then this is the main reason that affects the stable operation of Spotify. Music playback may occasionally be interrupted for short pauses, and may even be paused. The Spotify streaming app itself is considered very resource intensive. Therefore, in the battery saving mode of the smartphone, it may simply not be enough energy to play streaming music.

An effective way is to clear the cache of your smartphone. To do this, go to the settings of the Spotify app and go to the data store. After that, clear the cache. When running a music streaming application for a long time, a huge amount of unnecessary data and other system junk is generated that interferes with the stable operation of the application. By clearing the cache, you will greatly facilitate its work.

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If all of the above does not work, then try logging out. To do this, you will need to log out of your account on all devices. After that, just log in again to your account and continue working in the application. Try to check the stability of its work.

If pauses continue, then you will need to check the Bluetooth connection and its settings. It is possible that there is a misconfiguration somewhere.

Another reason for Spotify to be unstable may be the lack of permission for the application to run in the background. To do this, go to the application settings on your gadget and change the settings. If the Spotify application is prohibited from running in the background, or rather, the permission for this is simply not set, then when you turn on several third-party applications at the same time and Spotify, the service will stop working. Give it permission to run in the background in the settings, and this will solve the problem of unstable operation.

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