Spotify Keeps Pausing PC

If you use Spotify’s music streaming service, then you’ve probably run into problems with the stability of its work. Sometimes the service pauses in the playback of music that you don’t want to listen to.

You can start troubleshooting by refreshing the page if we are talking about the browser version of the streaming service. You can also restart this application. Most often, these simple steps lead to the restoration of the correct operation of the music streaming service. If this does not help, then try rebooting the entire system.

Be sure to check the connection of your computer to the Internet and its stability. Sudden pause while streaming music on Spotify may be due to poor internet connection. So check into your bandwidth. To do this, just use any free online service for checking Internet traffic. If the readings are low, then try checking the Internet speed on another device. The main thing is that they are connected to the same network. If you find that it is a problem with the Internet connection, then contact your provider.

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It is likely that you have low Internet traffic due to the fact that such indicators were originally specified in your agreement with the Internet provider, but it may also be that the provider has some temporary technical problems, so you are faced with an unstable internet connection.

The next step to solve the problem is to check permissions for background applications. If you notice that when you open another application along with Spotify, the broadcast is paused, then this streaming service does not have permission to work in the background. When you turn on another application, Spotify is automatically turned off. To solve this problem, you need to go to the application settings and give permission to Spotify to run in the background.

Another method to solve the problem can be to clear the cache and browsing data. If the cache is full or corrupted, then the streaming service will pause in this case. Try clearing the cache and checking the data in Chrome or another browser.

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