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Spotify is a mega-popular streaming platform for users around the world that almost every music fan knows. It offers listeners millions of songs from around the world as well as podcasts.

Spotify Mac

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You can create playlists of your favorite hits and share them with friends. And, most importantly, the whole gigantic and infinite music industry is now in one place, and you can find everything you want just in one click. If you’re not a fan of handheld gadgets, you can install Spotify on your PC or laptop.

But can I get Spotify if I have a Mac?

Sure, Apple followers can download Spotify Mac on the official website or visit Spotify web player. Of course, the first option is the best variant. If you have not yet installed an update for your operating system, start Spotify, go to the menu, then to the “About” tab, and there you will see the most recent information on available updates. Moreover, Spotify recently introduced an update specifically forthe Mac that matches the iOS operating system.

What does Spotify offer Mac users?

First and foremost, it is a simple and straightforward interface, easy to navigate, which is just as important. Users are provided with millions of tracks from all times, podcasts by famous speakers on topical themes as well as videos. You’ll also stay on the top of the hottest and trendiest new releases in the music industry thanks to Spotify’s weekly charting algorithms. Moreover, this software automatically creates a special playlist for you based on your personal interests and preferences.

By the way, you can share playlists you’ve created with your friends or relatives. The Premium version of the app offers its users the possibility to listen to music in an offline format as well as to download them. You will no longer see ads in front of your eyes, and most importantly, no restrictions on searching and listening to your favorite tracks.

Can I add a Spotify widget to my Mac?

Yes! Touch and hold an empty area, then tap Widget, after that, select the Spotify app from the list, and place it at any place you want on the home screen.

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You may have an interest in downloading the Spotify music service to your computer or may plan to do so in the future. Then you need the help of a useful and comfortable resource like MusConv, which will transfer absolutely any music content to more than 50 music streaming platforms.