Spotify monthly cost in the United Kingdom

You can listen to music on the popular Swedish streaming service Spotify for free and for a fee. In the first case, the user gets access to a wide, but still somewhat reduced functionality, in the second – to the full.

Spotify Premium gives users the following benefits:

• music can be listened to without interrupting advertising;

• Systemically manage your media library without feeling «in the stream»;

• download music for listening to it offline;

• Create multiple accounts at the same time (for some premium subscription options);

• нou can listen to music tracks in the highest quality.

The first month you can use a premium subscription for free. It is assumed that during this period, the subscriber must evaluate all the merits of a paid subscription or refuse it if he has not found such merits in it.

In all versions of Spotify Premium for subscribers, there is the same set of features – no advertising, the ability to listen to offline music, making individual music sets, etc.

Students will be able to subscribe on special conditions per month. To do this, you must confirm your status. The subscription cost for them is significantly lower than for other subscribers.

Spotify monthly cost in the United Kingdom

By signing up for two or a family account, you can create two or six accounts at the same time. This does not mean that everyone will use one common media library. The owner of each account will be able to create his own individual selection of tracks, forming his own playlist and list of musical preferences.

You can cancel your premium subscription at any time. If you do this during the use of the free version, you can return the money spent.

So, let’s list the options for a paid subscription to the Swedish music streaming service for the United Kingdom:

• Individual. £9.99/month after offer period. You can only create one account;

• Duo. £12.99/month after offer period. Subscribers will be able to create two accounts at the same time, each of which will be completely offline;

• Family. Its cost will be £14.99/month after offer period. In this tariff plan, you can create up to 6 offline accounts.

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So let’s summarize. A paid subscription to Spotify will provide significant advantages over a free subscription. It is ideal for those music lovers who want to enjoy their favorite musical compositions without any restrictions. Also, those who use the free version of the application will not be able to place their author’s music on the streaming music service and, accordingly, receive royalties for it.

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