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Have you ever thought about what kind of listeners are Spotify’s Premium customers? How do they use this platform and what benefits do they gain after subscribing?

Spotify online

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We think that all music fans can be divided into two groups:

  • those persons who use Spotify online;
  • those who prefer Spotify offline option.

Let’s figure out what is the main difference between these two options and how users explore them.

To begin with, Spotify online is an option that is available for both free and paid Spotify’s users. It allows users to listen to all their favorite songs online for free. However, Premium users have some benefits which make Spotify experience more pleasant. They can listen to ad-free music and download any songs they like.

If to talk about Spotify offline option, it’s a great feature for those who are always on the go. As usual, offline listening is used by people who are not sure if they will get a good Internet connection all along the way.

Despite all the benefits which Spotify offline offers, it is inferior to Spotify online.

Spotify online has some attractive things which offline can’t offer to its users. Just think about the best-known Spotify Radio. It’s a great feature that creates playlists based on different tracks, songs, albums selected by users.

All in all, every person has the freedom of choice. Everyone decides what suits him best, and, as usual, the choice is dependent on one’s lifestyle and everyday dynamics.

What is more, we live in a time when any service or app is possible to replace with another one. It’s also concerned with Spotify, as it can be replaced by SoundCloud, Tidal, or other music streaming services easily.

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In addition to these platforms, you can use the third-party service MusConv that can transfer all saved music content from one platform to another. Just use all possibilities that the 21st century gives us and enjoy your favorite music.