Spotify Or Amazon Music - Which One To Choose?

The practice of carrying your favorite songs with you everywhere has gained new traction with smartphones, especially with the advent of apps like Spotify and its competitors. Now it’s easy to create playlists to share with friends, discover new artists and music, and listen to your favorite songs even without Internet access.

However, newcomers to this type of live streaming may be a bit confused due to the number of services available. Let’s take a closer look at two popular streaming services that are most often used by streaming music lovers – Spotify and Amazon Music.

Officially launched in 2008, Spotify has grown rapidly to become a true global favorite, recently reaching an incredible 400 million active monthly users and over 1 billion downloads on the Play Store alone.

It is the most popular music streaming service today. In its 14 years of existence, the platform has transformed with the market and brought improvements to users, and the latest plans include new monetization tools and a HiFi function for high-quality music.

Among its qualities, first of all, a beautiful and practical appearance catches the eye. Its screens and details are well thought out and done in a more minimalist style. As for the user interface, the application is intuitive, which guarantees a smooth use. Its search tool offers good results when searching for an artist, song or album, divided into tabs that help in the process. Recently, the app began to organize artists’ work, separating singles from albums.

In terms of content, Spotify has a very extensive catalog. Easily find music from anywhere in the world. In addition, Spotify also has a place for podcasts of any subject and has features that will delight fans of the format, such as notification of new episodes on the main page, a note about which programs the user has already heard, and even saving a point in which the listening was interrupted.

The downside of Spotify is the sound quality it offers. The compositions are presented in a compressed format, which creates a sensitive loss when listening to low or high notes and other details that audiophiles take into account.

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Amazon Music Unlimited is another service from major conglomerate Jeff Bezos that includes movie and series streaming in the Amazon Prime package. In fact, this simplicity of having multiple services in one account from one company is what attracts users of the platform. Streaming started in 2008.

Aesthetically, the app is not very pleasing. Also, the first time you use the app, some pop-ups will interrupt your browsing to provide you with information tips that take up the entire screen of your mobile device, and in some cases even extrapolate the screen and make it difficult to read.

Even so, the interface can be intuitive for some basic functions like creating playlists or modifying a playlist, but some hurdles break that fluidity. Another con is its search engine, which offers average and sometimes erratic results.

In terms of content offering, there are a large number of songs in the platform’s catalog. Fans of established artists may find albums not found on other platforms, while listeners of more alternative artists may not find all the music they want. A similar problem exists in the podcast directory, where the most popular ones are offered, and smaller programs are hard to find. Finally, Amazon Music offers high quality music on the regular plan.

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