Spotify Or Amazon Music: Who Has the Best Price?

Amazon is present in several markets, and one of them is music streaming. In addition to Prime Video, a video streaming platform, there is also Amazon Music, a version dedicated to music. For those who are already familiar with the famous Spotify, is it worth testing out or switching to the Amazon option?

Both services have different subscription models. They offer clear benefits and, in the case of student versions, need documentation to prove user readability. The service fees are as follows:

1. Amazon Music: $9.90 with Amazon Prime (Amazon Benefit Bundle). This is access to five million songs in high quality;

2. Music Unlimited: $12.99 and access to 70 million high quality songs;

3. Unlimited family: up to six people for $15.99;

4. Prime Echo: Special subscription for those who play music on Echo Dot or Echo Show for $4.99 per month.

Amazon’s service is competitively priced and even more affordable than Spotify, as we’ll see next. But the user should be careful, as some of these subscriptions offer more limited access to the service’s collection, as is the case with music, which costs $9.99.

Spotify Or Amazon Music: Who Has the Best Price

It’s worth that amount because it’s part of Amazon Prime, a unique subscription that offers free shipping on the Amazon website, includes Prime Video, and Prime Reading (offers select books and magazines). However, in this mode, the collection available to the user is reduced from the 70 million available in the Unlimited subscription to just five million.

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Oddly enough, Amazon Music doesn’t have a dedicated student subscription, which is usually more affordable than regular pricing. There is no free plan on Amazon Music, but the user can try the service for 30 days for free.

Spotify’s monthly prices are as follows:

1. Spotify Premium: $9.99 and high quality streaming;

2. Student: 50% discount;

3. Dual account: for two people for $12.99;

4. Family: up to six of your users for $15.99;

5. Free: random mode, ads between tracks and low quality.

Another strength of Spotify is the variety of subscriptions that offer access to the full catalog of the service. The free subscription is another point that the user should consider considering their negative stories such as low quality streaming and ad-supported music random play mode. But it’s the free subscription option that makes the Swedish streaming service very popular around the world.

The Family Subscription has a drawback that restricts access to residents at the same address. From time to time, the streaming service itself checks the subscribers of the family tariff plan using geolocation. If the data does not match the declared, then the accounts can simply be blocked.

If a music lover has a question about choosing between these two leaders of the global music streaming market, then he is recommended to use a free trial version of each of the streaming services described. In this case, he will have the opportunity to test them according to his personal criteria and choose the most suitable one.

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