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Spotify Pausing Every 30 Seconds

If you’re a music lover and use the Swedish music streaming service Spotify a lot, you may have noticed that it sometimes crashes unexpectedly. There is nothing extraordinary in this, since failures can occur in any application, including music streaming.

What to do if you encounter the fact that approximately every 30 seconds playback is interrupted automatically? Pauses are not just unforeseen, they are very annoying and you lose all the good things from working with this leader in the global music streaming market.

If pauses are repeated periodically at regular intervals, then most likely the reason is that you have been using Spotify on your gadget for quite a long time. This has led to the fact that a huge amount of data has accumulated in memory, various files and other information that is directly related to this application. In this case, links and files break, so the streaming platform crashes and pauses unexpectedly. The quick solution in this case is to clear the cache and restart the application. If the pauses are repeated at regular intervals, then most likely it is not an unstable Internet connection, which is also often the cause of failures in the Swedish music streaming service Spotify.

An easy way is to simply reboot your gadget, be it a smartphone, tablet or computer. The reboot will free some of the RAM that might have been full. Most likely, the smooth operation of the music streaming service will be restored. You can also disconnect and connect to the Internet on your gadget.

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If none of the methods listed above brought the expected result, then you just have to carry out the process of reinstalling the application itself on your gadget. Do not forget to keep your account login and password for yourself, because when you reinstall the application, you will have to log into your account again. Recall that it is better to download the Spotify music streaming application on its official website, in this case you will have a minimal risk of infecting your gadget with a virus.

Well, we should not forget that Spotify constantly releases updates. Therefore, it is likely that you may not have the latest version of Spotify installed.

A huge number of new tracks, music and podcasts appear in the service’s music library every day, so the application requires more and more resources from the equipment on which it is played. If your device has an old operating system that no longer accepts updates, then it is likely that the latest version of Spotify will simply not be compatible with this software you have installed. The solution will be a software update, if, of course, you want it.

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