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How Much Does Spotify Pay Artists For 1 Million Streams?

In the expansive realm of music streaming services, Spotify reigns supreme, captivating both artists and listeners alike. However, a lingering question persists among artists: What is the true compensation for a million streams on Spotify? So, for your attention: an exhaustive analysis to illuminate the ever-shifting landscape of Pay Per Stream (PPS) rates.

Spotify, elusive like a slippery fish, refrains from disclosing a fixed PPS number, emphasizing its fluctuation across countries and subscription types. Undeterred by this uncertainty, iGroove undertook the formidable challenge of unraveling this mystery, delving into data from the past 6 months across 133 countries.

Adding a contemporary twist to the narrative, as of the beginning of 2024, Spotify’s user base is hurtling towards a staggering 600 million individuals, surpassing even the boldest predictions of marketers and music market analysts. Nearly half of this colossal user base comprises premium subscribers, reflecting the growing prevalence and preference for premium streaming services among music enthusiasts.

Key insights: Numbers speak

Global average: If all countries had the same number of streams, artists would be looking at $1,686 per million streams. However, this marks a decrease compared to the previous estimate, showcasing the impact of Spotify’s expansion into new markets.

  1. Geographical disparities: 59 out of 133 countries receive less than $1,000 per million streams, including populous markets such as India, Argentina, Egypt, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Turkey. Meanwhile, only 33 countries surpass the $2,000 mark, with Europe dominating the top 10.
  2. European dominance: The top 10 is predominantly European, led by Iceland, closely followed by Switzerland, Finland, and the United Kingdom. These countries, along with Norway, Ireland, and Denmark, are the only ones exceeding the $5,000 mark per million streams.
  3. Winners and losers: Kuwait, Brazil, Iceland, Argentina, and others have noticed significant growth in PPS, while South Korea has experienced a decline. On the contrary, India and Turkey have suffered notable losses, with the latter exacerbated by inflation.
  4. Realities of English-speaking countries: Among English-speaking countries, the United Kingdom and Ireland reign with high PPS rates exceeding $5,000, while Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada follow in descending order.

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