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Spotify Pet Playlist

The Swedish music streaming service is truly unique in many ways. In addition to a huge amount of music (the Spotify library exceeds 80 million songs), very accurate and effective music recommendations, users will be able to find completely unique and exotic features in this service.

Spotify pet playlist is a playlist that is created specifically for the animal and is designed for the pet’s peace of mind, its pleasure and, accordingly, greater friendliness towards the owner. Below, we will look at what the option is for, and how to create a Spotify playlist for animals.

Great playlists are a key advantage of Spotify, making the app stand out from the competition. After registration, the user of the program every day gets access to mixes, high-quality selections, music by interests, news and artists, and other options. And if a person likes some composition or singer, Spotify will definitely take this into account.

Spotify Animal Music has become an extension of the company’s policy. The pet playlist came amid a number of polls showing the interactions between hosts, house friends and quality music. Statistics show that Spotify’s pet playlist is in high demand and has every chance of further development.

In simple terms, pet playlist from Spotify is a playlist created using special algorithms. The latter are focused on the habits of the user himself and the characteristics of the pet. This means that the owner and his animal will be able to enjoy the selected music.

Here are some of the statistics as evidence.

  • 74% of hosts in the United States of America play music for their pets.
  • According to a survey among all Spotify users, 25% of respondents include a Spotify playlist for animals so that their beloved dog or cat is not lonely when the owner is away.
  • 42% of respondents are sure that their pets have musical preferences that they try to follow.
  • 25% of people said that their animals can even dance to different songs.
  • 70% of pet owners use Spotify for their pets because they care about their well-being.
  • 46% of respondents believe that music relieves stress in furry friends.
  • 80% of people believe that their pets love music.

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With that said, it’s no surprise that Spotify pet playlist is gaining popularity and is in demand in many parts of the world. So far, this option is not available in all countries where the Swedish music streaming service is legal. In addition, for now, only users of the premium version of Spotify can use this great opportunity.

Spotify notes that they collaborated with musicologist Davis Teie to create the pet playlist feature. This is a well-known cello master who plays in the national symphony orchestra and has recorded two special albums for cats and other animals.

At this stage, the Spotify developers cannot add the ability to create a pet playlist for all pets. The list of animals so far includes dogs, cats, rabbits, iguanas and hamsters. In the near future, according to Spotify, there will be special playlists for horses and some other animals that are most often found among human friends.

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