Spotify: The Reasons For Its Popularity

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify ranks first in the world in terms of popularity and number of active users, with over 380 million people worldwide. The service is available almost all over the world, it legally works in almost 200 countries of the world. About 150 million users of the streaming service have already signed up for a paid subscription to its services. In addition, Spotify’s popularity is not declining.

You can argue about quality, library resources or monetization, but no one doubts that streaming plays an important role in the music industry and nothing will stop it. More and more people are convinced of this form of getting content, which is best evidenced by the fact that the number of users continues to grow. Most importantly, there are more and more people who want to pay for it.

The latter, however, may be for an unpleasant surprise. To balance the costs, Spotify owners intend to increase the amount of the Premium subscription. While we are talking only about additional packages: student, family and family. At any given time, the European price list will be as follows:

• Student – €5.99 (currently €4.99)

• Duo – €12.99 (currently €11.99)

• Family – 17.99 euros (currently 14.99 euros).

So far, these are only estimated fees for using Swedish music streaming.

Spotify is the absolute number one music streaming service. If you don’t listen to the supernova genre, it’s almost certain that your favorite tracks are in their catalog and you can look forward to a great app. However, there is a field – and this is a very important field – where he loses to Tidal . It’s all about sound quality, of course. The Swedes are in pursuit and intend to catch up with the opponent in the foreseeable future.

Spotify HiFi will be the name of a new premium subscription aimed at people who care when it comes to music quality. You’ll probably pay a little more, but in return you’ll get a catalog of songs in lossless format and CD quality. At the same time, you will retain the full functionality of the website, including the Spotify Connect option.

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The owners of the service intend to place more and more emphasis on podcasts, the popularity of which is growing rapidly. To make it easier to find new podcasts, the service will allow you to search for them not only by name, but also by topic.

In addition, there will be video podcasts, and it will be much more convenient and efficient to monetize both them and the classic ones. In addition, artists can look forward to new tools to earn money from their work and reach a wider group of users. As icing on the cake, more personalized Daliy Mix playlists were also announced.

Spotify’s popularity is largely based on the Swedish music streaming service’s effective marketing policies and user-friendly features. The free version of the app is Spotify’s biggest selling point, along with its huge music library, which now has over 70 million songs. Spotify is also famous for its efficient music recommendation algorithms for its users. They are made not only on the basis of the music listened to by the user, but also on his mood, favorite musical genres, and so on.

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