Spotify vs Amazon Music Comparison Review

Both Spotify and Amazon are well established music streaming providers, though there are significant differences between these two. There are also differences in between the target market and marketing policy.

Here, in this article we will be discussing about several aspects of Spotify Vs Amazon Music. However, in any instance, if you require transferring your music from Spotify to Amazon, you should consider MusConv to transfer your music and playlists as it is one of the best music migration tools and music playlist converters.

Spotify vs Amazon Music. So what music streaming service to choose in 2023?

There are significant differences in between the marketing policies of those two industry giants. While Amazon is targeting their audiences by utilizing quantity, Spotify always is concentrating on the quality content. With a library of 45 million songs, Amazon has the largest number of songs in the streaming industry.

Moreover, the number of songs will be increased significantly as it has entered into Indian subcontinent. Furthermore, Spotify has a library with 30 million of songs. It is sufficient, we guess. Though, this is the only point where Amazon would beat Spotify.

Target market

In terms of target market, Amazon is targeting China, Europe and US mainly. However, it has not strengthened its footprints in any market yet. In US, Spotify and Apple are dominating. In Europe, the scenario is same as well. Furthermore, Australian market is the arena of complete dominance for Spotify.

That is why it can be said without any doubt that Amazon is not actually dominating any area at all. Yet, it is an industry giant and it is performing its music streaming business side by side with the ecommerce trading as well as music accessories sale like Apple.

On the other hand, Spotify has conquered over two thirds of world’s music streaming industry. Spotify has conquered the Europe and Australia. Recently, it lost its US dominance to Apple. Though it has not yet targeted the Chinese and Indian market and people of 61 countries have access to Spotify. It could have been the only drawback of this huge giant of music streaming industry.

Music quality and pricing

When it comes to the music quality, Spotify is undoubtedly the best as it is one of the two true providers of lossless music. In addition, it is providing 320 kbps FLAC music. On the other hand, the Amazon is providing 256 kbps MP3.

However, in terms of pricing, Amazon is priced more from Spotify. Yet, we do believe the vast music catalogue of Amazon deserves the extra pricing. Spotify is priced at $14.99 for the family pack and Amazon is priced at around $16 for Amazon premium and Amazon unlimited.

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