Spotify vs Apple Music: memes

Spotify is one of the first music streaming services in the world, and the most popular. Albums and singles by many famous musicians are released on it, and playlists who make up Spotify editors sometimes bypass the popularity of the radio station. For example, one of Lady Gaga’s clips, because of which people got into accidents, appeared there. And celebrities like Cardi B sometimes publish meme songs about coronavirus on the platform.

Spotify, like iTunes at one time, was the answer to the question of what to do with piracy in conditions where any album is downloaded in a few seconds from torrents. Listening to music in Spotify is completely free – with audio ads and quite unpleasant restrictions in the mobile version (in it you can not listen to albums in order and the number of plays is limited). Spotify is today the leader in the global music streaming market. He has more than 30 million subscribers in almost 200 countries, more than half of them have a paid subscription.

And in second place in the global music streaming market, practically breathing into the back of the leader’s head, is Apple Music. The service owes much of its popularity to the Apple brand, which is considered a symbol of reliability and innovation. More importantly, applications on different devices synchronize with each other and allow you to continue listening to music on your laptop from the same place where you paused, for example, on your phone.

Apple Music can only be obtained with a paid subscription. This, of course, largely limits his audience, but at the same time significantly increases profitability. For the first three months, each new subscriber may not pay a subscription fee, since he will be able to use the service for free as part of the trial.

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Of course, the intense competition of the leader of the streaming market Spotify and the contender for this role Apple Music could not but provoke a backlash among music lovers from around the world. The Internet is filled with memes. Fans of one and the other service showed maximum ingenuity and wonderful imagination. Users react with fun memes to each new feature of any of these music applications. And the struggle for leadership in the streaming music market has long been the main theme for the creators of fun memes.

It is quite natural that music lovers cannot restrain their desire to either praise or criticize their favorite or unloved streaming music service. And therefore memes constantly appear on the expanses of the Internet.

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