Spotify VS Apple Music: The War Continues

In the arena of digital streaming, giants clash once again as Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, takes to social media to critique Apple’s new recommendations for the European Union. Accusations fly as Spotify alleges Apple’s false compliance with regulations. Ek and Spotify accuse Apple of distorting the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) by permitting sideloading of unpublished apps on its devices. Ek, in a series of tweets, claims Apple has engineered distortions to comply with EU legislation, stating that Apple’s proposal for sideloading unpublished apps coerces apps to remain in the App Store.

On January 25th, Apple announced that starting March 7th, it would allow app installations outside the App Store – but only for EU member states. However, major tech companies have devised a system to continue charging developers even if their apps are sideloaded unofficially. One such charge is a fee for technology, costing 0.50 euros per download or update for apps with over 1 million downloads.

Key Points:

  1. Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, criticizes Apple’s policy of sideloading unpublished apps, claiming it coerces apps to remain in the App Store.
  2. Apple’s announcement to allow app installations outside the App Store sparks controversy, with major tech companies finding ways to continue charging developers.
  3. Ek highlights potential losses for Spotify, as the cost of acquiring customers may skyrocket with sideloading.
  4. Despite complaints from Spotify, Epic, and others, DMA regulations leave room for Apple’s recommendations, focusing on preventing digital market monopolies rather than regulating sideloading business models.
  5. Users remind Ek of Spotify’s own controversies, including low payouts for reproductions and the company’s 50% revenue retention from podcast advertising, a monetization model set to end in March.

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Ek’s statements haven’t gone without rebuttal. Some users remind him of Spotify’s own controversial practices. Among the criticisms raised on Twitter are Spotify’s low payouts for reproductions and its 50% revenue retention from podcast advertising, a model slated to end in March.

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