Spotify VS Napster

Music streaming platforms have become an integral part of the musical life of modern people. They are very popular because they allow you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere throughout the day. There are many streaming music services available to users today. For this reason, music lovers are faced with a choice. And to make the right choice, you need to compare music services according to several important criteria. Today we are talking about Napster and Spotify.

As many of you remember, Napster was the first music platform that allowed you to download and upload music files way back in 1999. This music platform was incredibly popular and had no competitors at the time. But the music industry, like technology, is developing very quickly, and the emergence of competitors in the music arena was not long in coming. Music streaming service Spotify has become such a competitor for Napster.

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Today, Napster provides streaming music for a fee, as does Spotify. But there are significant differences in the services of these music services. Let’s consider some of them.

The cost of tariff plans is one of the important criteria when choosing a streaming service for yourself. Napster offers a 30-day trial for free, after which you must choose from two available paid plans. The Individual subscription is $9.99 per month with the option to pay for the service all at once for a savings of approximately $20. There is also a family subscription for $14.99 with up to 6 accounts. Here you can also save the cost of two months when paying annually. The Spotify service provides similar pricing plans: an individual plan for $9.99/month and a family plan for $14.99/month. But besides these, there are two more interesting offers from Spotify. If the user is a student, then throughout the entire period of study, he can use the student tariff, which does not differ in functionality from the individual one, but its price is half as much. If the user’s family consists of only two people, then the Duo plan with two accounts is available at a price of $12.49 per month.

The number of pieces of music in the library is another important criterion for choosing a music lover. Napster offers 110+ million songs for its subscribers, while Spotify has over 80 million in its library.

Both music streaming companies claim 320Kbps audio quality. But keep in mind that when playing music on different devices, the sound quality may be different. This issue is best explored in practice.

Although the interface is not of great importance when initially choosing a music platform, but in the practical application of a streaming service, it greatly affects the comfort and mood of the user. Napster has a white interface. Some users note that the track names are not easy to read. Spotify users in most cases are satisfied with the interface and note that it is convenient and understandable.

Not every user immediately thinks about the geography of distribution of a streaming service. However, it is useful to know that Napster is currently available in more than 30 countries in Europe and America, while Spotify users live in approximately 200 countries around the world.

If you decide to transfer your music collections from one service to another, then MusConv will help you with this. With it, you can easily and quickly transfer your playlists and favorite songs between Spotify and Napster.

Which streaming platform to choose is up to the user to decide based on their taste and preferences. We only note that any choice will be correct, because it is individual.

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