Spotify vs Pandora Comparison

It could get really tough to make a head-to-head comparison between Spotify and Pandora, as both of them have been providing quality music streaming services for years. As a pioneer to the music streaming service, you ought to pay your respect to Pandora, while Spotify has become the untold kingpin of audio streaming industry in these days. Here in this article, we are going to look at Spotify vs Pandora from various perspectives based on their services and prices.

Spotify vs Pandora, a head-to-head comparison


In terms of Music Catalogue, Spotify would be far ahead of Pandora, as Spotify has been offering over 35 million songs, while Pandora has a collection of 1 to 2 million songs.

Social features

When it comes to social features and music sharing, Spotify would be the winner, as it allows the users to collaborate on playlists and even make those public for other users to follow.

Free and paid versions

When it comes to free and paid version, the free version of Spotify would win eventually, as the free version of Spotify lasts for 30 days, although you have to tolerate advertisements. On the other hand, the Pandora free version has very limited functionality with audio streaming service limited to radio functionality.

Pandora vs Spotify: Price and features in contrast to cost

Pandora may have been priced less than the Spotify, but the users should look on to the services they have been receiving from Spotify. Pandora individual pack costs $5, while Spotify individual costs $9.99 per month. For group or family, both music streaming service cost $15 per month. In comparison to the services provided, Spotify should be the winner when it comes to the question whether the music streaming provider is worth your money.

User Interface and Listening Experience

In terms of user interface and listening experience, Spotify would be miles ahead of Pandora, as Spotify is among the very few streaming service providers offering lossless music. Pandora is available for only Android or iOS and its desktop is available for paid packages. On the other hand, the Spotify has made its app available for web, desktop, android and iOS.

Spotify to Pandora and vice versa

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