Spotify VS Tidal - Price And Music Track Databases

Today, almost 90% of music fans listen to music online using a laptop or desktop computer, and half of them regularly use streaming services on a smartphone (including YouTube, Spotify, Tidal). We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms, their prices and contract terms imposed by the manufacturer, and then, based on the facts, find out which is better – Spotify or Tidal?

Depending on the choice of online music provider, the music databases on the above platforms may vary slightly. Slightly, since the works of the most popular artists are usually available on both sites, there is a problem with niche artists who decide to partner with one service (for example, Spotify or Tidal).

Therefore, when comparing an album of your favorite band with your library on Spotify, you may find that the fifth entry is missing, and on Tidal, the tenth, and so on. These are, of course, exceptions, but before making a purchase decision, it is worth checking carefully whether all the songs we are interested in are available on this platform, so as not to change the site later, because this entails a loss of time and money.

There are three versions of Spotify – Single, Dual, and Family. In addition to standard prices, you can find attractive promotions. What’s more, a permanent offer is a 50% discount for students, guaranteeing half the price per month for one account (student status is verified based on ID).

Anyone with a Spotify account can use the free version with ads that prevent songs from being shuffled (songs start randomly after a playlist is selected).

Tidal is similar in price to Spotify, while the HiFi version is slightly more expensive due to the ability to listen in the same quality as the track was recorded in the studio. The marketers of the above website have not forgotten about the students who on this platform have a 50% discount on Tidal in the basic version and HiFi.

The audio quality in the basic versions of Tidal and Spotify is identical – streaming is a maximum of 320 kb/s. With the optional Tidal HiFi service, users can enjoy the highest resolution lossless streaming.

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It’s also worth noting that both platforms offer around 70 million pieces of music, but Tidal guarantees that almost 45 million of them are lossless compressed, and about 30,000 in studio quality – MQA (Master Quality Authenticated).

Spotify and Tidal are services available on iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android smartphones. Both platforms support the most popular browsers.

Spotify can be used on PlayStation and Xbox consoles (including PS3, Xbox 360). The service is also compatible with Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay, and most smartwatches and wireless speakers.

Tidal works flawlessly with Apple Carplay, Airplay, Google Chromecast and hundreds of wireless speakers. However, please note that Tidal HiFi is not supported by Safari and Microsoft Edge.

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