Pros and Cons of The Spotify Web Player

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When you talk about some of the most popular music streaming services then Spotify is a name that is likely to emerge. It has been providing its users with top quality music for quite some time now and growing by the day.

According to research and statistics, Spotify was able to snag 10 million members back in 2016 while Apple Music which is the main competitor could only secure 4 million users. Part of the success of Spotify goes to the Spotify Web Player. There are quite a few ways to access Spotify depending on the device you are using. One of which is Spotify Web Player.

Pros and Cons

Spotify Web Player has quickly become one of the best ways to listen to music, but it certainly has some pros and cons. Some of them will be discussed below.



One of the main advantages of the Spotify Web Player is that it provides portability to its users. For most people, it is easier to use Spotify directly from their phone.

However, what if you are not close to your phone or computer and need to listen to your music. In such a case you can easily login to your Spotify account from the closest device and start listening to your favorite music.


One feature that is absolutely absent from the Spotify mobile app is the ability to add hotkeys. Hotkeys can be useful on many occasions, as you can complete any assigned task just by clicking a button. With the Spotify Hotkeys add-on of various browsers, you can easily add the hotkey features.


Always Logged On

The Spotify Web Player might look perfect in most cases, but it certainly has its share of cons. For starters, when you are using the Spotify Web Player you must remain logged in to your browser at all times. If you close the browser, or it happens to crash then the Spotify Web Player crashes with it.

Poor Quality

The mobile version of Spotify is praised highly for its high sound quality, unfortunately, same cannot be said for the Spotify Web Player. If you compare the two the sound quality is considerably lower on the Spotify Web Player. The web player can only play songs at 160kbps, which is quite low.


These were some of the main pros and cons of the Spotify Web Player that you should know about. Spotify is one of the best music streaming services and it seems that it will continue to remain so for the years to come.

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