Spotizr alternative

MusConv is great alternative to transfer Spotify playlists to Deezer.

MusConv is a music migrator that transfers your favorite music between various music streaming platforms as a pro. With supporting over 30 plus music platforms including Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music and others, MusConv transfers your favorite artists, albums and tracks without a sweat.

It efficiently exports the most popular and widely used playlists file format that you will find in the market and they are txt, csv, xml, m3u, m3u8, wpl, pls, json, xspf, zpl, asx, bio, fpl, kpl, pla, aimppl, plc, mpcpl, smil, vlc, MusConv also has the quality of importing M3U, WPL, XML, CSV, XSPF and web URL.

There is no limitation on how many songs you can transfer from one music platform to another.

How MusConv works?

It works straightforwardly and simply. To start with, click on the music streaming service you need to move playlists from and sign in to it. Second, pick the playlists you need to move. Third, click the transfer button which would be visible to you up at the base, select the music streaming service, for example, Spotify, Deezer, and so on where you need to move playlists to and sign in to it. Congrats the work is done.

Is MusConv safe?

One of the best things about this migrator is that it does not store the data of the user, which means you can relax and needn’t worry about your valuable data as this music transferring service is very safe to use.

Free trial period:

MusConv even has a free trial period for testing. The trial is much the same as the paid version as it offers to migrating files over other platforms simply like a paid version and it could likewise move music effectively. In any case, to be blessed with all the features you need to go with paid form and after going with the paid version, you will find out that your money didn’t go for waste.


Till now a total of 789785 times MusConv has been downloaded and 889,954,892 tracks have been moved.

What makes Musconv truly a great alternative?

MusConv is great from numerous points of view. There are really solid reasons on why MusConv is an incredible alternative and a portion of those reasons are mentioned below:

  • Supports more music streaming platforms
  • Ease in finding and transferring songs
  • Extremely responsive site
  • Well-presented website providing all the information about migrator
  • Acknowledges duplicate songs like a pro

Supports more music streaming platforms:

It’s an extraordinary thing to have music moving service that supports more music streaming services. Supporting more music streaming platforms increases your choices for moving music. On the other hand, music migrators that support few platforms disappoint you. I mean consider it this way, you are having some music migrator and you need to move music from Dailymotion to Amazon Music but you can’t do it because your music migrator does not support Dailymotion platform on account of its limited help for music streaming platforms

In situations like these MusConv is the ideal migrator as it has the ability to support over 30 plus music platforms including Dailymotion as well.

Ease in finding and transferring songs:

At the point when you are using some music migrator then something which you would need in that migrator is to locate your main tunes which you need to move to some other music streaming service effortlessly and after finding and moving it to another music platform, there shouldn’t be any tunes left out after the moving procedure is finished. This is a very important matter particularly when you need the most main tune to be moved yet some way or another because of the absence of preeminent abilities of your music migrator, the main tune got left out.

Things like these would baffle you and eventually you would need to change to some other migrator

This is the time when MusConv is exceptionally helpful as it will move all tunes from one music streaming platform to another without leaving out any tune.

Extremely responsive site:

At the point when you have a few inquiries about some product or service you have purchased then you may visit the official site of that product or service and get in contact with the staff to find some solution in regards to your product or service. Well, not all sites would react to you inside a fast time and this would eventually frustrate you. I mean consider it this way, imagine a scenario in which you are having some major issue with your product or service, your product or service isn’t acting like the manner in which it was claimed by the site to act and when you get yourself connected with the site, present your problem with the product or service either by email or some other way and what occurs, they take as much time as necessary in reacting. Time is money and those sites that do not realize this are not worth your time.

Well-presented website providing all the information about migrator:

On the off chance that you are to visit some shop, at that point your choice of visiting that shop to a great extent relies on how settled or improved that shop is. The structure of the shop matters excessively. Comparable is the situation with a site of certain products or services. A well-established site referencing all the information and features of a specific product or service which it is offering builds the trust for that specific product or service.

MusConv’s official site is sounding. MusConv has a dazzling viewpoint and the site has pages that inform each and everything regarding the service with full dedication. In case you don’t understand how to transfer music between different music streaming platforms, then MusConv site even has a video tutorial to tell you the way to move music between various platforms, ultimately becoming a very reliable website.

Acknowledges duplicate songs like a pro:

Some music migrators are not efficient when it comes to recognizing duplicate songs from various artists due to their limited talent. This is disappointing particularly when you prefer original songs more and you unintentionally get in contact with its makeover because of your migrator’s lack of ability to recognize the correct tune.

MusConv is quite handy when it comes to recognizing duplicate songs. It efficiently recognizes the duplicate song titles and ultimately becomes a factor of eliminating your frustration in this aspect.

Final verdict:

With the progression of innovation, stuff like tapes and records got unessential. This is because some music migrators, typically MusConv showed up which made control of your preferred music simple. After knowing about all the cool aspects of MusConv, ranging from the ease in using this migrator to its acknowledgment of duplicate songs, most would agree that MusConv clearly dominates its competitor in all perspectives and hence is the perfect alternative of the other music migrator.

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