Stats for Spotify

Novice musicians often ask how they can view the statistics for their Spotify accounts. There are two options to get this possibility. The first is to view the information in the special section of Spotify.

Stats for Spotify

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There is no problem getting access to the musicians’ profiles on the Spotify app while their songs play. Also, it is possible to see the following data about them: all released albums, personal data, concerts records, playlists, figures about the number of listeners per month, merch items, etc. Also, it is possible to use a special smartphone application to view all you need to know.

One of the most useful and interesting features of the Spotify platform is the opportunity to follow listening statistics data. Also, it is possible to find different useful information about musicians. Every artist creates his individual profile and adds some details about his interests and events.

It is possible to find the next data here:

  • All tracks and albums at the moment.
  • Fan selection. Here you can see Spotify’s statistics about other favorite musicians’ activities. Moreover, Spotify developers constantly analyze customers’ tastes and preferences and create selections of the most popular songs.
  • Personal data. Here, you can find out the singer’s biography, and personal pictures. Also, you can understand how other fans listen to different tracks. For example, on smartphones, you will see this information below on the page of the profile.
  • Concerts records. Here you can find out certain performers’ concert calendars, and you will get the great possibility to buy tickets.
  • Playlists / Artist selection. Here you can find information about artists’ musical tastes.
  • Monthly listeners. This section can offer the ability to see the total number of listens on the platform during the last 30 days.
  • Merch items. Here you can see products with the artist’s branding.

Also, it is possible to use third-party applications to analyze your stats. Here are some of the most reliable and popular services. One of them is  Stats for Spotify is the most convenient of them.

You can view your favorite artists or tracks for a month, 6 months, or a longer period.

Why it’s needed

Since many musicians see Spotify as a platform for promotion and income, statistics has a great meaning for them. The exact data can also be used to make decisions about upgrading the quality of tracks or work in other areas.

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