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How To Stop Spotify From Adding Songs: A User's Guide To Playlist Perfection

Spotify, the go-to digital platform for music enthusiasts, offers a vast library of tunes catering to diverse tastes. Yet, the joy of creating a carefully curated playlist can be disrupted when Spotify decides to play DJ and add songs without your consent. If you’ve ever found yourself perplexed by this intrusion, fret not, for this article aims to unravel the mysteries behind Spotify’s playlist interventions and provide practical solutions.

Why Spotify Might Be Adding New Songs to Your Playlist

  1. Autoplay Feature: Spotify’s autoplay feature, whether activated by default or by user error, can be a major culprit. The app may seamlessly add songs after your selected playlist ends, catching you off guard with tunes you didn’t choose.
  2. Playlist Size: If your playlist falls short of 15 songs, Spotify tends to take matters into its own hands. To fill the void, it will sprinkle random songs into your playlist, a helpful yet sometimes unwelcome gesture.
  3. Spotify Enhance Feature: The ‘Enhance’ feature, strategically placed at the top of playlists, aims to keep users engaged. While it recommends similar songs, it may also sneak in additions that don’t align with your preferences.
  4. Curated Playlists: If you indulge in Spotify-curated playlists, be prepared for occasional surprises. Spotify’s influence extends to adding new songs to these playlists, a trade-off for letting the platform guide your musical journey.
  5. Free Version Woes: Users of Spotify’s free version not only contend with song additions but also endure intermittent ads. It’s a double whammy that might lead some to consider alternatives.

How to Stop Spotify From Adding Songs to Your Playlist

  1. Disable Autoplay: Navigate to your Spotify app settings, find the autoplay option, and toggle it off. This simple step prevents Spotify from extending your playlist beyond your chosen tracks.
  2. Turn Off Enhance Feature: Identify the ‘Enhance’ feature at the top of your playlist, tap it, and disable it. This ensures Spotify stops making unsolicited additions based on its recommendations.
  3. Add More Songs: Counter Spotify’s meddling by proactively adding more songs to your playlist. Aim for at least 15 songs to eliminate the vacuum that prompts Spotify to fill in with its own selections.
  4. Upgrade to Premium: Invest in Spotify’s premium version to enjoy an uninterrupted music experience. With no ads, offline access to playlists, and greater control, upgrading ensures your playlists remain undisturbed.

Create a New Playlist

If all else fails, start fresh. Create a new playlist, add your preferred songs, and disable the enhance feature and autoplay option. This tailored approach may be the key to playlist harmony.


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