Streaming Tips for Amazon Fire TV and Firestick Users

Amazon is constantly releasing new services and devices to keep up with trends in the industry. Its Firestick and Fire TV devices are considered as some of the best products game and movie lovers should own. These two devices allow access to services such as Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu.

Below, you’ll find the top streaming tips to enjoy your Fire TV and Firestick devices better.

Top Fire TV and Firestick Tips for Better Streaming

  1. 1.       Use Bluetooth Headphones

You can use your Bluetooth headphones with your Fire TV device to experience sound in better quality. To connect your headphones, head over to ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’ under ‘Settings’ on your Fire TV. Click on ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’ to find and link up your device.

Connecting your Bluetooth device to your Fire TV will ensure the headphones will be automatically recognized whenever Bluetooth is activated on both devices.

  • Read ‘Behind the Scenes’ Data

Amazon does not only own the world’s biggest e-commerce website but also owns IMDb, an online database for movie-related data. If you’re keen on getting ‘behind the scenes’ data after watching a particularly interesting movie, you can access IMDb information such as movie ratings and trivia on your Firestick device.

On your remote, after accessing IMDb information, you can press the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ keys to get varying info like cast, biographies, song name, and so on. You can even get this information while the movie or TV show is still playing.

  • Activate Parental Controls

When you aren’t around your kids, they might decide to enjoy your Fire TV. In the process, they could come upon inappropriate content. This is why parental controls are needed.

You can set up these controls by heading to ‘Preferences’ under ‘Settings’. Select ‘Parental Controls’. When you activate the controls, R and TV-MA content will not be shown on the Fire TV device. Parental controls can also be activated for inappropriate games and applications.

  • Access Geo-Blocked Content

Due to geo-blocks, some types of content (games, movies, and TV shows) are only accessible in specific countries. Some Netflix and Amazon Prime original series can be watched by citizens of the countries the movies are produced in. If you think these types of content are great to watch or use, you might get annoyed at the fact that you can’t access them.

A Firestick VPN solves all of these worries for you by spoofing your location. With the app, you can connect to a server location in a country that can access the content, thereby bypassing the geo-restriction.

To install a VPN, select the Search option on your device. Once the VPN has been downloaded and installed, you’d need to search the internet for locations able to access the content you intend to watch. After that, connect to a location in the country that does not have geo-restrictions for the content.