Student Subscription To Apple Music

Today, there are a lot of music streaming services in the world, which have become the main source of music broadcasting over the past few years. In addition, streaming platforms today generate four dollars in profits out of every five that are generated by the music business around the world.

Apple Music is second in the market after Swedish music streaming service Spotify with a 24% share. It means. That almost every fourth music stream in the world falls on Apple Music.

The American streaming service has several options for tariff plans. The base plan is the Custom Plan, which will cost $9.99 per month.

Student Subscription To Apple Music

Like almost all music streaming services, Apple Music has a student pricing plan. The standard student rate is $4.99 per month and will be valid for a maximum of 48 months from the date of registration of a new student account.

But not everything is so simple. To apply for a student tariff plan, the user will need to confirm their student status, and this will need to be done using supporting documents.

In Europe and the United States of America, there are centralized online systems through which you can verify. That the user is a student, in other countries you will need to provide some documents, for example, a study agreement or a student card.

As already mentioned, students can get a 50% discount on a subscription. If you register an Apple ID from some countries in Eastern Europe or Asia, the discounted subscription fee will be $2.5 per month versus the standard rate of $5 per month. The preferential price will be maintained for 48 months, that is, four academic years – the standard period for obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

You can take advantage of the offer in almost any country in the world where Apple Music operates legally. But the cost of the student tariff will be different for many countries in the world. For example, in the United States, the student rate will be as much as 10 dollars, while in India, for example, it will be only about one dollar per month.

The student plan has all the benefits of a paid subscription to Apple Music and gives the subscriber access to the full functionality of the music streaming service.

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By the way, it is worth recalling that the Cupertino product does not have a free version at all, unlike the vast majority of music streaming services, which greatly reduces its popularity, but at the same time significantly increases profitability.

The student rate is limited to a maximum of four years, as the student is expected to complete a bachelor’s degree during this time and be able to get a job in order to fully pay for the services of their favorite music streaming service.

A feature of registration will be the need to confirm your student status. Therefore, it is not possible for a potential subscriber to use VPN, since his location will be determined not so much with the help of an ID, but with the help of supporting documents, which, of course, will indicate the location of a particular educational institution.

It should be noted that in the United States, college students are also eligible for student subscription discounts. In other countries, this possibility is not provided.

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