Suitable For SoundCloud For Artists?

Among the many music streaming services, SoundCloud stands out. This streaming platform has both the properties of a streaming service and the function of a social network at the same time. Many professional musicians and many amateurs can make a good music career with this streaming service and earn quite decent money.

SoundCloud is a German audio file sharing service. Users can post the created audio file and ask others to listen to it.

If you’re just listening, membership registration is not required and it’s free, so you can say that it’s a simple and convenient service.

A large user audience is not the only thing that the music social media can boast of. network: in a few years of operation, SoundCloud has launched the career of a number of new musicians, attracted top performers and even formed a new musical genre.


It is an audio file sharing service that has been in operation for over a decade and is used by many artists around the world. Many popular artists have also used SoundCloud since the beginning and have posted original songs and cover songs that have been talked about a lot.

SoundCloud was originally created for musicians sharing audio files. It eventually became a place for musicians to distribute and publish audio files and features such as comments and playlists were implemented and this became the current form. Even if you don’t normally use it, there may be people who remember using it to watch CDs.

Needless to say, music is the most popular content on SoundCloud.

Artists can publish their own songs and publish new demos on CD. There are many amateur DJs and creators who post arrangements and remixes of existing songs, and I’m under the impression that the more fans of mainstream music, the easier it is to get hooked on SoundCloud.

If you pay a monthly membership fee, you can listen to a huge amount of music for as long as you want. This is the so-called premium service.

And the biggest difference with other music streaming services is that SoundCloud is a user-provided service.

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The audio posted on SoundCloud was self-hosted. If you are a professional, there are times when your agency hosts messages, but this is different from what is delivered under a contract for the service of everything you can listen to.

Thus, ordinary users naturally cannot publish their music without permission. Some songs posted by the artist himself are not allowed for download. Problematic songs will be removed immediately.

This does not mean that you can only listen to professional music, but you can discover unique songs. This may be one of the attractions of the SoundCloud provided by users of the service.

The place where unique music and unique trends are born – SoundCloud will continue to be used as such a platform. Every year the popularity of this application is increasing all over the world.

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