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SUPER JUNIOR is considered a K-pop veteran. During musical career, the performers released as many as nine full-length studio albums. And now it’s time for the tenth album.

It was on March 16 that the band’s tenth studio album, entitled «The Renaissance», was released. It was originally planned that the album would be released at the end of last year. It includes ten tracks, and a video was released on the title track, which is called «House Party».


The plot of the video is relevant: a group of young people are hosting a rather cool home party in the style of the era of quarantine restrictions. The participants of the party observe social distancing measures caused by the ongoing pandemic. COVID-19 In general, the evening succeeds, to put it mildly, not very.

Other tracks included in the album were several remakes of the group’s popular old compositions, as well as several new singles.

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The musicians admitted that the release of the tenth album was postponed not once, but twice. According to them, this was a forced measure in order for the musical product to turn out to be truly high-quality.

By the way, recently the boy band released a collection in Japanese «Star» to celebrate 15th anniversary as a group.

Recently, more and more popular artists have turned to the topic of quarantine restrictions and their influence on the usual life of an ordinary person. SUPER JUNIOR was no exception, expressing clip, at least, regret about the impossibility of habitual communication between young people.

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