Taeyeon from the NCT Boy Band launched his own account on SoundCloud

Taeyeon, who is known both as a soloist and as a member of the supergroup SM Entertainment, SuperM opened his solo account on SoundCloud at midnight Korean time on March 15. The singer surprised fans by releasing a new song called «Dark Clouds». In just a few hours, she gained a huge number of streams.

Taeyeon wrote «Dark Clouds» in collaboration with producer Royal Dive. The singer’s creative career began in 2016 with the release of his single entitled «The 7th Sense». The track immediately became popular among music lovers, marking a successful start to the musical career of a young singer.

Since then, Taeyeon has managed to participate in several groups: SuperM and Capitol Music Group. Both groups are the brainchild of SM Entertainment, with whom Theyong has established fruitful creative cooperation.

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Apparently, the singer decided to gradually create himself a new image of a solo singer, judging by the appearance of a new solo track on the account of a popular streaming music service. Well, judging by the first track, he is so far doing very well.

Today, the singer participates in several projects at the same time. Music experts consider it very promising. In any case, every year the curve of his musical career goes up indomitable.

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