Tame Impala will give two concerts in his native Perth

The Australian band gave two concerts in their hometown of Perth, which began to remove the restrictions imposed due to the COVID pandemic. The city, like the country as a whole, begins to return to normal life.

On March 5, the first gala concert was held in front of a huge crowd of spectators who no longer had the usual face masks. On March 6, the concert repeated.

Since two members of the band’s tour were stuck abroad due to travel restrictions due to COVID-19, Parker played with Jay Watson and Dominic Simper.

It is characteristic that in January more than 20,000 spectators were at a concert of the Kiwi rock band Six60 in Waitangi, New Zealand. By the way, at that moment he became the largest concert on the planet since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic.

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Australia has previously imposed very severe restrictions due to the pandemic. But back in January of this year, the level of infection with coronavirus became minimal, and cases were calculated in unambiguous numbers. That is why it became possible to hold such mass concerts.

The concert participants say that live performances in front of the audience are extremely important for musical artists. This not only supports their vital tone and mental health, but also gives them a livelihood. Live concerts are extremely important for music lovers. That is why, according to artists, live music will not be replaced for a very long time, which proved the last year in the face of severe restrictions associated with the pandemic. Most likely, she will never be replaced.

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