Taylor Swift May Release "Speak Now" Album In The Coming Months

Taylor Swift fans may have reason to rejoice as the pop superstar is rumored to release a re-recorded version of her third studio album, “Speak Now,” in the coming months. According to The Sun, an anonymous source claimed that the new version will be part of Swift’s Taylor’s Version series of re-recorded albums and is expected to be released before the start of her upcoming Eras tour on March 17.

The insider also revealed that the singer has been working on new versions of both “Speak Now” and her fourth studio album, “1989,” in the studio. While the remastered “Speak Now” is reportedly in its final stages, there is no word on when the re-recorded version of “1989” will be released.

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Swift has been vocal about her desire to regain control of the rights to her master recordings. After failing to obtain the rights to her first six albums, which were released on her previous Big Machine label, she decided to re-record the material herself under the banner of Taylor’s Version. In 2021, she released updated versions of her albums “Fearless” and “Red,” which included not only songs from the original tracklists but also unreleased songs and alternative compositions.

“Speak Now” was originally released in 2010 and marked a departure from Swift’s previous albums as she wrote all the songs on her own, without any co-authors. The album featured six singles, including “Mine,” “Back to December,” “Mean,” “The Story of Us,” “Sparks Fly,” and “Ours.”

Fans of the pop star have eagerly awaited news of the release of the re-recorded versions of her albums, and the rumored release of “Speak Now” has only added to their excitement. Swift has yet to confirm or deny the rumors, but if the new album is indeed on its way, fans can expect it to be a hit just like its predecessor.

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