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The Advantages Of Roon

It is unlikely that a real music lover could not hear about the Roon music player. It is possible that he even uses it. This is not surprising, because we are talking about an almost ideal instrument for real music lovers.

Roon has many useful and efficient features. Despite the fact that this music player can be considered expensive, the vast majority of those who have already used it do not regret the money spent.

This music player has many advantages.

  • Roon can significantly improve the quality of broadcast music content, resulting in very good sound quality.
  • This music player works on almost all devices and is compatible with all operating systems. It’s cross-platform.
  • Roon can administer and organize the user’s own music library.
  • The application can broadcast many music streaming services.
  • With Roon, you can access a huge amount of streaming music.

There are many useful things such as the “discovery” mode, which will offer you music from your library that you have not listened to for a long time. It is possible to organize a “radio” based on the selected tracks, as the program called an analogue of Apple’s Genius function, that is, after the tracks in your playlist are over, the program can continue to play tracks similar to those that were just played. You can create playlists, export selected tracks to a specified folder (this is convenient, for example, to send music to your player).

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Roon is able to equalize the volume of tracks in order to exclude the option when differently mixed albums are either barely audible or shock the listener. There is also support for high-quality streaming from Tidal. The program automatically pulls up photos and biographies of artists and much more.

Roon Labs also thought about the design, unlike other “audiophile combines”, their solution is pleasant to use, it looks beautiful, has a dark “night” theme, can work on Windows tablets without a cursor and generally gives the impression of a very well-developed solution.

In general, the impressions of the program are the most positive, each new feature and opportunity causes a pleasant surprise in the style of “and they thought about it.”

But in this whole barrel of honey there is one fly in the ointment, which plays a simply fatal role. This is the price. A lifetime license for Roon costs $500, if this amount is too high, you can use the subscription program for $100 per year. Probably, it is impossible to condemn the developers, they have the right to demand as much as they see fit for their work. It is noticeable from their product that a lot of knowledge and work has been invested in it, and Roon Labs promise that their program will develop for many more years and offer many other useful features.

Therefore, it is a pity that not all true music lovers will be able to afford the use of this application due to its high cost. But anyone who has afforded to pay for this music player cannot be disappointed.

Therefore, probably, it is the high cost that can be considered almost the only serious drawback of this program. Other than that, it’s almost perfect.

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