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The Apple Music Voice Plan: A Silent Exit From Siri's Playlist

In a quiet shuffle that went almost unnoticed, Apple has bid farewell to its most pocket-friendly subscription plan – the Apple Music Voice Plan. Rolled out in 2021, this plan allowed users to tap into their Apple Music library using the dulcet tones of Siri’s voice control. At a modest $4.99 per month, it was the go-to option for those who preferred vocalizing their music choices rather than tapping away.

For the aficionados of Siri, this plan was a symphony. It catered to the fast-paced lives of those who craved a seamless way to command their tunes without getting entangled in a web of buttons. It was a lifeline for those with mobility challenges, offering a quicker and more accessible way to interact with their music. Picture this: you could be in the midst of dinner prep, giving a vocal cue to Siri to play your favorite track without missing a beat.

Yet, the Apple Music Voice Plan wasn’t just for the multitaskers and the kitchen maestros. Priced at a mere $4.99, it was an economical gateway to Apple’s extensive music library. Sure, it didn’t offer the granular control of the traditional app, but for many, the trade-off was worth it.

The discontinuation, however, was as unexpected as a plot twist in a blockbuster movie. Apple Music, in a November announcement, revealed their strategic shift. The focus would now be on enhancing experiences like Apple Music Sing and the immersive Spatial Audio, both seamlessly integrated with Siri. It seems they’ve decided to harmonize their efforts, leaving no room for the melody of the budget-friendly Voice Plan.

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But why pull the plug on a service that seemingly struck a chord with certain user demographics? A visit to the Apple Music forum on Reddit unearths murmurs of discontent, with users expressing dissatisfaction from the get-go. Perhaps, beneath the glossy surface of simplicity, there were underlying complexities that led to its untimely demise.

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