The Best DJ Software For Smartphones And Tablets

Today you can DJ not only with a controller, but even with a smartphone or tablet. These methods are not unique, because a lot of modern DJs do this.

This approach allows not only to quickly master the profession and acquire relevant skills, but also significantly save on the purchase of professional equipment. And saving is very important, especially for beginner DJs who have not yet managed to earn enough money to purchase professional equipment for DJing.

  • Djay2 is the most popular DJ software for smartphones and tablets. This software can create a scratch similar to the original vinyl. You can also customize your screen to Djay2. This software is widely used by professional DJs as it is compatible with various brands of DJ controllers. Djay2 can record your performances in real life. It can be used not only on iPhone, Djay2 also released an Android version of the software application. Playlists can be created and imported from iTunes. This way you can immediately use the music you usually hear for DJ arrangements.
  • TRACTOR. Unlike Djay2, which looks like a recording, this software is designed for DJing by listening to the music wave. By clicking directly on the waveform of a song, you can arrange the music in more detail. Music for use on TRAKTOR can be imported from Dropbox and iTunes. This software is equipped with a function that automatically selects a song with a good tempo and gamma and is perfectly compatible with your device.

Nowadays, the number of DJs using the DJ app for smartphones and tablets is increasing. The biggest advantage of using the app is that it is concise and simple. The DJ app has a lot of functionality. Many of them have the same effect functions as computers. In fact, professional DJs also sometimes use a tablet while performing in a club.

All the latest DJ controllers are compatible with tablets and iPhones. However, it is also worth noting the delay on tablets and smartphones. To avoid delays, we recommend using an iPad or a sound card that supports tablets and smartphones.

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On the other hand, some people may want to practice at home with a computer and DJ controller. Buy inexpensive products ahead of time to use in your studies. Little by little you can add other modules for live performances. And you can start and take your first steps in DJing with a smartphone or tablet.

On the other hand, it’s possible that you just want to DJ in your spare time at home. Or you just wanted to do a little creative presentation with your friends. For these purposes, the ideal option would be to use your mobile gadgets. You will not only quickly master special programs for DJing, but also spend a minimum of funds to complete this task.

Every day, mobile gadgets, which include smartphones and tablets, are becoming more and more popular. Statistics say that today about 60% of users in most cases when interacting with the Internet use smartphones.

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