The Best Music Streaming Platforms to Use in 2024

There is absolutely no doubt that the right kind of music speaks to your soul. Music is known best to help people relax and wind down after a difficult day. People even use music to process their feelings because some songs have the kind of lyrics that you specifically want to listen to at that given moment.

However, access to all sorts of music has never been this easy, thanks to the age of the internet. All you need is a good music streaming platform and a great internet connection and you are sorted. In the case of the internet, you should definitely look into the Xfinity Internet Cost so that you can straighten up your budget and invest in a great internet service.

When it comes to a music streaming platform, however, that is exactly what we will be talking about today. So make sure that you read until the end of the article for a list of music streaming platforms that you can use and that are popular enough for you to use all through 2024!

  1. Spotify

Starting off with the best of the best, the OG, Spotify! Whenever someone mentions “a good music streaming platform”, how is it possible that Spotify wouldn’t come to mind? Not only is Spotify great to listen to all your favorite music on but it is also amazing if you are looking for new music since there are playlists that are dedicated to you discovering new music.

The user interface of the app is also pretty simple, figuring out how to use the app isn’t any sort of rocket science. The app houses more than 100 million songs, so it is very likely that you will find all your favorite music here. As long as you are using the premium version of the app, you can stream music in quality ranging from 160kbps to 320kbps. Even if you grow tired of music, you can also listen to podcasts on Spotify as well. Even though Spotify came out back in 2006, it is just as popular even today.

There are different plans that you can get for yourself, you can choose to use it for free with tons of ads in it, you can get an individual plan for yourself, get a duo plan if you are a couple living under one roof, or even get a family plan for everyone in the family!

  • Apple Music

If you are looking for an alternative to Spotify, then this is the one! Apple Music is priced at nearly the same price as Spotify. You can find a vast library of nearly 100 million songs and the best part is that you can run the app on both, Android and iOS as the app is compatible with both of the OS.

One of the main reasons why Apple Music is behind Spotify is because of the number of subscribers to the app. Otherwise, there are some things that Apple Music offers but Spotify does not. You can find high-resolution lossless albums on Apple Music and even spatial audio albums, both of which you cannot find on Spotify.

  • Tidal

Despite being an amazing music streaming app, Tidal is the one streaming platform that is criminally underrated. Tidal is the perfect app for people who live and breathe for music and want the best possible quality. Not only that, but Tidal also has a relatively higher royalty payout for artists, which is a win-win situation for both fans and artists.

The base plan that you can get is the free one and you can listen to music at a quality of 160kbps with a few ads that would interrupt your music playback every now and then. If you wish to get the premium version, you can opt for either one of two monthly plans. Both eliminate ads and allow you to listen to music offline. An added benefit of getting Tidal is that you are entitled to a discount for families if you serve in the military, if you are a student, or even if you are a first responder.

  • YouTube Music

If you have played JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, you would know how amazing the soundtrack in both of the installments is. However, finding these soundtracks on music streaming apps can be quite a hassle, but not if you get YouTube Music for yourself.

YouTube Music was previously known as Google Play Music. You can find customized playlists on this platform along with official studio releases of music. You may also find lots of community uploads on the service and you can also find a library of all your favorite video game music by musical geniuses such as Yoko Shimomura.

Conclusive Note

Music is undeniably the best way to relax and let your feelings out if you are feeling stressed or just generally down. So remember, getting a good streaming service is one of the biggest favors that you can do for yourself!